Webinar EATA – 5 Mar 2024 TA best practice

This webinar will cover three interconnected topics related to working with children and adolescents.



EATA webinar Series 2024 “TA best practice” is coming up

Tue, March 5th, 2024.   18:00 – 19.30 GMT

This webinar will cover three interconnected topics related to working with children and adolescents. Alina Comendant will present her ideas about “Interventions of strengthening the Child ego state when working with children”- that she reached as conclusions after an informal longitudinal research of a group of children (aged 6 to 11). Tatjana Gjurković will delve into the concept of Transactions, exploring their variations in working with children through the use of play as a communication medium. Additionally, Jan Šimek will share insights into the TA concepts employed in the Czech Republic to train future teachers, helping them create a secure and effective classroom environment.

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Alina Comendant, MSc-TA, PTSTA-P, CTA-P ( Netherlands & Romania)

For more than fifteen years, Alina has worked with kids and teens in Romanian orphanages, schools, and private practice. She focuses on working with developmental trauma and working with groups of children/ teenagers through the lenses of transactional analysis, gestalt play therapy and clay field therapy (sensorimotor art therapy).

With a passion for learning and a BA in pedagogy, Alina is an international trainer and supervisor- she facilitate experiential learning and creative supervision in the filed of child and adolescent psychotherapy. Being an expat, she is culturally sensitive to the particularities of each culture and is curious about the universal cycle that all cultures share in the upbringing of children and teenagers.

She has been a board member of the International Transactional Analysts for Childhood and Adolescence (ITACA) since 2022 with the aim of sharing with her colleagues the gift of transactional analysis used in the field of psychotherapy with young people.

Currently, Alina works both online and in her private practice, in Hilversum,Netherlands. Outside of work, she likes to go on relaxing walks by the beach, go cycling, and take pottery classes.

Tatjana Gjurkovic (Croatia) is a psychologist, CTA-P, TSTA-P, and a registered play therapist-supervisor (RPT-S).

Jan Simek is PTSTA (E) and has a TA training group in the Czech Republic. He worked for 16 years as a teacher of Maths, Physics and Head of Pastoral care at different types of secondary schools, and as a teacher trainer in NGO teacher training programmes. Currently, he works as a supervisor for teachers and schools and as a teacher trainer of TA, soft skills and Pastoral care.

Webinar EATA – 5 Mar 2024 TA best practice
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