Who we are

ITACA is a place for the soul.

It’s a laboratory, a workshop for discussion and exchange of thoughts and ideas. The association is a meeting point, open to all who work at different levels and in different roles with children, adolescents and their parents from any culture and origin, speaking any language.

It is a reality which took shape in 2010, thanks to its founder Dolores Munari Poda, as a Transactional Analysis Study and Research Group, which was also open to other specializations. While sharing a philosophy of intervention it works in different fields (clinicalcounsellingeducational and organisational), with specific methodologies.

Organises numerous events, such as National and International Conferences, Training Seminars, Supervision Groups, Post-graduate Masters, as well as Research Networks and Apprenticeship.

Operates in various cities in Italy through a network of professionals and specialized centres, including psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, educators, social workers, psychomotor therapists and psychiatrists.

ITACA collaborates with public and private institutions, including some universities (University of Padua, Chieti and Bergamo), Postgraduate Schools in Psychotherapy (ITAT, CPD, SIFP), Training Schools in Counselling (JET), Counselling Services (UCIPEM), Hospitals (HPG XXIII), Italian and European Associations (AIAT, DGTA, ELEUTHERIAT, SIMPAT, SLOVENTA), Non-Profit Organisation (PAVIOL).

It publishes the “Quaderni di ITACA” (The ITACA Notebooks) that collects the most significant contributions of the thoughts and the research of the association.

Are you looking for a professional?
Our professional interventions regard the clinical, educational, counselling and organizational fields.