Dott. Stefano Morena

Via Cinquantenario, 8, Dalmine - Bergamo (BG) Italia

I am a Psychologist and a Psychotherapist. I work mainly with children, adolescents and their families. I worked at sociosanitary districts for the public Service and psychotherapy Centers both private and part of the health care system. As a teaching and supervising transactional Analyst (T.S.T.A. – P E.A.T.A. ), I mange my time between clinical and formative activity and supervision. Strictly regarding clinical field. I train and supervise psychologists and psychotherapists in neuropsychiatry and Protection of minors. I am an E.M.D.R. practitioner. I am President of I.T.A.C.A.


Children and their monsters. Childhood trauma and transactional analysis, 2015

Un saluto per ogni età della vita … E della terapia, 2014 (A greeting for every age of life …And therapy)

La depressione in adolescenza. Un approccio analitico transazionale (coautore), 2013 (Depression in adolescence. A TA approach, coauthor)