Dott. Marco Mazzetti

Via Resnati, 11, Milano (MI) Italia

I’m a Paediatrician and Psychiatrist, TSTA-P and TSTA-C, and the didactic director of the Master Degree in Psychotherapy at Turin Institute of Transactional Analysis (ITAT).

I’m teaching TA in several other institutes in Italy and abroad.I’m the founder of the Milan Institute for TA, where I’m running supervision groups and advanced training in preparation of TSTA and CTA exams.

I received the 2012 Eric Berne Memorial Award for my article on supervision.

I developed protocols for treatment of children and adolescents through intervention with parents.

I’ve served in TA organizations in Italy and abroad for about 20 years and I’ve been the EATA President 2013-2015.

I’m working in the field of cross-cultural psychotherapy and psycho-traumatology, in particular with refugees.


Quando le ferite sono invisibili. Vittime di tortura e di violenza: strategie di cura, 2014 (When wounds are invisible. Torture and violence victims: treatment strategies).

Supervision in Transactional Analysis: An Operational Model, 2007 (Eric Berne Memorial Award 2012)

Il dialogo transculturale. Manuale per operatori sanitari e altre professioni d’aiuto, 2003 (The Cross-cultural Communication. A Handbook for Health and Social Workers)