Dott.ssa Alida Colpani

Via Sardegna 37 , Brescia (BS) Italia
I am a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist with an analytical-transactional focus. I work in my private studio in Brescia mainly with adults, adolescents and their parents.
I’ve been working for years on forensic psychology, providing partisan technical advice in case of judicial separation. I worked in the field of child protection for three years and subsequently I cooperated with the “CrescereInsieme” Family Counseling where I counselled also foreign persons, asylum seekers and refugees, with the help of a ethno-clinical mediator.
I also lead prevention courses in middle schools about the preparation of the class, conflict management and emotional education and sexuality. I participate as a psychologist in creative workshops for adolescents, and training and awareness-raising for parents, teachers and educators. I am also involved in the “Early Childhood Project” and cooperate with the research on the effectiveness of the AT model for treating depression in adolescents.


“Analisi Transazionale e Costruttivismo a confronto”, 2008 (Transactional Analysis and Constructivism in Comparison)
“L’uso del CCRT (Tema Relazionale Conflittuale Centrale) nel progetto “Araba Fenice”, 2006 (The Use of the CCRT in the Project” Araba Fenice)
“L’analisi del colloquio clinico con più strumenti di ricerca sul processo terapeutico”, 2003 (The Analysis of the Clinical Interview With Multiple Search Tools on the Therapeutic Process)