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Milano, (MI) Italia

I'm a Psychologist, a PTSTA in Counselling and an Art therapist. I work as a trainer and I have a private practice in Milan.

I do psychological counseling at Caritas Ambrosiana and teaching and training for Epochè Institute (Rome, Assisi).

I run groups of Art therapy (visual arts, theater, music, dance), in schools and educational centers and I lead working groups of people with dementia and their families.

In the UK I work as a trainer for managers, teachers and counselors (with ICDTA), and as Deputy Project Manager of the European project TAPA (Transactional Analysis Proficiency Awards).

I’m also interested in sports psychology.

Member of the board of ITACA since 2015.


EUROTAPACY in Armenia, with an Ambassador from Italy, 2012 

L’Arte come strumento di Counselling e le esigenze di Protezione, 2014

 Hay J., Widén U., The Transactional Analysis Proficiency Awards, A Social Action Initiative. Transactional Analysis Journal, 2015

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